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Are You Really Listening?

31 July 2019

At 5:30 AM the other morning, I was standing on the deck of the house, in Park City Utah, where I was staying, drinking in the natural splendor around me. And I saw the most beautiful creatures – two large, brown-eyed deer in a thicket – no more than 60 yards from where I stood.

As I watched, I knew I could never bring myself to shoot such a beautiful animal. At the same time, I thought of my brothers, my friends, who do deer-hunt. They enjoy the various aspects of deer hunting – the comradery of the hunt, being outside in the natural world, spending weekends in the company of family and friends. They also like harvesting meat for their tables themselves.

I understand all of this, and respect that they choose to deer-hunt, though that is not my own choice. They have their reasons for doing so – I have my own for taking a different path.

Tact, empathy, graciousness – there seems a deficit of these at the moment. And maybe a better path forward starts with just one of us fully listening to another’s story.

Isn’t this what tolerance means? Is this not what all healthy relationships should strive for?

How do you differ lovingly and peaceably?

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