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Be Great, Be Remarkable!

14 November 2018

I’ve recently been reading about being remarkable, and it has got me thinking. Work life and personal life, both are too short to settle for being just good enough to get by.

To accept “good enough” is to cut yourself off from your own potential for greatness.

There’s a concept that I have mentioned in the past – “Unique Ability.” This, or these, are those areas and pursuits which inspire and impassion you, and at which you almost naturally strive to excel.

And it is in these areas that you best can inspire others, giving them hope and help.

These others can be your clients / customers, your supervisors, they can be your family, or your friends.

Clients or customers whom you inspire, and are inspired by to devise unique and creative ways of assisting are the most likely to return to you to fulfill other needs.

Remember, too, that you don’t need so much to think of yourself as remarkable as you need them>/i> to find you remarkable. Not everyone will find the same things remarkable. There are many people who don’t even think along those lines. Don’t worry about them – focus on those who can appreciate what you excel at and who will spread the word to others.

No-one loses a job or a client by being too good at their job.

In taking steps toward being remarkable, it helps to narrow your focus.

Do you want to be one of the masses that live a life of quiet desperation?

Never rest on already-earned laurels – earn more. Reinvent yourself, transform yourself, reinvest in your unique abilities.

So, what are you best at? Where, in your work or personal life, do you find yourself excelling? What inspires you? Focus on those talents, take them as far as they will take you.

What do you do to pursue greatness and try to be remarkable? What do you think your unique ability, or abilities, are? Please click here to email me directly – I would love to hear from you.

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