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Christmas Reflections – What Are You Grateful for This Year?

5 December 2018

To Our Valued Clients and Friends:

Driving home from the grocery store this past Sunday evening, I was struck by the beauty of all the houses decorated for Christmas. I stopped my car in front of one of the homes, and sat there, just soaking in the heart-warming display.

I became reflective just looking at and admiring the holiday lights, and the Christmas tree, thinking how much more beautiful they make even the loveliest home.

So, before I start setting my goals for 2019 – or even start thinking about what I want to accomplish in the coming year, I believe it is appropriate to reflect on 2018 first. I like to sit down, take out my phone and look at all the pictures I have taken over the past year. By flipping through these pictures, I am reminded of all the good things that have happened, the experiences and the wonderful memories I’ve built with my family. They remind me how grateful I am for all I have – and I am not speaking of material things.

What are the three things from 2018 for which you are the most grateful?

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