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Know What to Expect

19 February 2020

How we do things around here:

• When you’re beginning a new engagement, a new job, a new partnership, it might be worth agreeing on a list in advance – i.e., scope.

• Our agreements are always worded as clearly as we can make them – we will never attempt to confuse the issue with legalese.

• If we are not sure about something, we will ask you.

• We will answer all emails in timely fashion, even if it is merely to confirm receipt.

• We don’t miss deadlines.

• We hit the ground running, so we aren’t sprinting to catch up at the end.

• We don’t compromise the quality of our work. Period.

• We note pitfalls ahead, but won’t ever waste time casting blame after a stumble.

• We approach our work with specific intention – that it is designed for a specific client and to serve a specific purpose. One size does not fit all.

• If the engagement isn’t working, we will tell you so – and do it with specificity and kindness.

• We expect to be compensated for our work, but our goal is to always create more value for you than the amount you pay us.

How do you approach new business engagements, new partnerships?

Please click here to email me directly – I would love to hear about your own approach to customer service, and/or discuss how RFG can help you.

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