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To Be Or Not To Be Overwhelmed – It’s Your Choice

26 February 2020

The internet offers the next thing to unlimited information – and it sometimes seems we will never catch up, which can feel like we’re failing at an overwhelming task.

But that is human existence. The world, the universe, have always been the next thing to infinite, compared with the scale we live on.

So, we filter – we choose, we select, what information to allow into our lives, what to let slide off to the side. We broaden our focus to avoid boredom, narrow it to concentrate. This is not failure, this is the successful implementation of a survival tool we’ve been blessed with.

When we return from a break from social media, when we take up a new subject to learn about, it’s normal and natural to feel a little overwhelmed at first – our filters haven’t adjusted, and we actually are a bit overloaded.

So, we make the choice – to adjust our filters intentionally, to learn what we need to know, and allow ourselves to remain unaware of what we don’t, so that we can focus and do our work in the world.

Right this minute, an hour or more of video is being uploaded to YouTube. Two astronauts on a space station are arguing over who gets the last packet of a favored meal. One of your clients has a problem they haven’t confided to you.

And that’s okay. Not one of us – and not all us humans put together, ever can or will know everything, and the world keeps turning just the same.

Intent, purpose, are everything. Select what you need to know, filter out what you don’t. Choose to focus, and do your work.

How do you choose to apply your filters?

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