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What is Fellowship?

19 August 2020

Fellowship. For centuries, it meant mutual commitment, mutual support, mutual striving toward the good.

We retain that sense of the word, it’s true, but we’ve added a new definition as well – and one which has lost the sense of mutuality. A “fellowship” as something bestowed on an individual, not something experienced among people who have come together for a common cause.

Sure, there may be an honorarium attached. It looks great on your resume. It may even offer excitement and pleasure in the work to be done. But – well, where’s the fellowship in a fellowship of this kind?

I feel very blessed – and very grateful – to have known the great benefit real fellowship brings. In my family, among my friends, with my team at work. Fellowship both lifts us up and keeps us humble. It reminds us we cannot do it all alone – and reassures us we don’t have to. Our fellows (and this is a gender-neutral word, going back to the Old Testament) are there to help.

In the current pandemic, it can be hard to sustain our feeling of connectedness to others, our feeling that we truly are in fellowship.

But, if we think about it, haven’t we really proved that we are, in fact, connected (even if not in person)? Hasn’t this time of uncertainty and fear caused you to rally for others? For others to rally when you needed it, whether the need was financial, health-related, or just emotional exhaustion from the “new normal?”

That is what fellowship is. You showing up (virtually or literally) for others, them showing up for yourself.

How has genuine fellowship enriched your life?

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